Refreshing IT stories

Infrastructure meets Cyber Security meets Networking.

Syntory makes its unique IT experts available to every medium-sized and large company for which the fast, accurate and secure delivery of business data is vital. IT is a cycle; a never ending story. A story that should always be renewed. Syntory, refreshing IT Stories.

Cyber Security

Protecting company data is one of the most important pillars of an adequate IT policy. As midsize and large companies today are almost completely data-driven, a lack of cyber resilience can cost a company a lot of money or even mean its existential end. Syntory does not make a value judgement as to where a company’s data should be located, on-premises, private data center or cloud. We secure the data AND the users end-to-end and monitor 24/7 in case incidents should occur.


Today, a stable, fast and secure company network is indispensable to keep a company working and competitive. The ever-growing data needs to be transported from user to corporate storage or cloud and a network is a crucial factor in this. IP is our native language allowing the deployment of wired and wireless networks independent of the industry. The network transports the application and not the other way around, resulting in complex networks in office environments, educational and hospital institutions, industrial and outdoor locations. More and more network automation and network security give an extra dimension to the story that we have been building for more than 10 years.


The IT infrastructure is the beating heart of every company. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that this environment is fully up-to-date and that it supports innovation. That is why we first listen to your expectations and requirements in order to search for the most suitable solution. Afterwards, we are happy to advise you and guide you with the architectural design and installation of this IT infrastructure.

Because every customer is unique and has different needs, we work with a wide range of technology partners and we use a vendor independent approach. A solution is only really successful if all organizations are satisfied with the result.

Managed Operations

To ensure that your IT environment runs smoothly day after day, we can guide you through every part of it with our managed operations. We can also fully adjust these to the needs of your company.

By outsourcing IT management (completely or partially), you can fully focus on your core activities and business objectives (growth, cost savings,…). Our knowledge and expertise is fully ready to help you.

Thanks to the preventive maintenance of your IT environment, we ensure that it is always in optimal condition. All this under the motto: “Prevention is better than cure”. But despite these good care, things can sometimes go wrong and in case of an emergency, you can always count on our rapid support.

Our Story

Syntory is a compound of two words, namely Synthesis or synergy and Story. A reference to a combination of different elements, that together start creating a new story. In this case, Core ICT and Netleaf.

The main goal of Syntory is to put the customer and its IT-team first. We provide our clients with a solution custom-fit to their needs and consists of the most optimal technology to achieve their business objectives. The motto that we pursue is: “a solution is only successful when all parties are satisfied”.

As a trusted advisor we want to help our customers advance in every aspect of their IT environment. Our working method is characterized by our professional and personal approach, and we always take the needs of our clients as a starting point. This way we write your IT story together.

Core ICT is specialized in Managed Services and Next Gen IT with a focus on the whole of Belgium. The company offers solutions for the design, installation, and management for the IT infrastructure of companies ranging from medium-sized enterprises until multinationals and public entities.

Because every customer is unique and has different needs, Core ICT works together with a wide range of reliable technological partners.

Netleaf is a network & cybersecurity partner for medium and large companies in the Benelux. They assist IT teams of these companies in designing, implementing, securing and managing complex networks, in order to allow customers to focus on their core business.

Press release

On May 6th 2022, Core ICT, the IT infrastructure company, will officially merge with Netleaf, the specialist in network and security infrastructure. From then on, both companies will operate under the same holding, Syntory. Together they will strengthen their position in the market.

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