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How does IT monitoring affect your business?

IT is a business critical factor for many companies today. Business processes and logistic activities that are highly automated have reinforced their importance. You can imagine the consequences when your IT environment crashes or fails. So it is very important to detect problems early and deal with them even before the consequences appear. IT monitoring is a service that meets this need.

Monitoring is like supervising your IT environment

You can set up a new IT environment with new products that fit your needs, but if you don’t pay attention to it after your purchase and after the installation, you won’t get value for your money and you’ll soon find yourself struggling.

Monitoring your environment will give you a constant understanding of the status of your IT, allowing you to respond quickly to emerging threats. Things you are more alert to thanks to monitoring:

  • does your system have sufficient storage capacity?
  • did you install the necessary patches and upgrades?
  • are your software licenses valid, or due for renewal?
  • is your IT infrastructure available at all times?
  • did the scheduled backups proceed as planned?

Why should you monitor your IT environment?

Problems in your IT environment often cause frustration for your staff. In addition, it can have a negative impact on your customer’s experience, create downtime and cause high costs. This means that the availability of your IT has a direct impact on your business performance.

Monitoring is an extremely convenient way to protect your IT environment and ensure that it is performing at its best. So what are its benefits?

  • You are instantly aware of irregularities in your system.
  • You can prevent IT problems instead of having to solve them.
  • Early detection gives you the ability to react and respond proactively to problems.
  • It ensures that your company’s performance is optimal and you have to deal with less outages and breakdowns.
  • Your employees can work smoothly and efficiently at all times.
  • Your hardware has a longer lifespan. Parts that need replacement are replaced immediately.
  • Increased IT security thanks to continuous monitoring and quick trouble-shooting.
As we have already mentioned, it is unwise not to monitor your environment. You can save on costs and effort if you intervene in a timely manner.

Monitoring-as-a-service providing even better protection

‘Insufficient time and resources’ that’s what several customers replied when being asked why they chose Monitoring-as-a-service. Monitoring and maintaining an IT environment demands considerable time and effort, which are often in short supply for IT teams, as previously mentioned.

When you outsource the monitoring part to an external partner, then it will save your IT team a lot of time . This allows them to better focus on developing a long-term vision, projects and business-critical processes. The daily time-consuming IT tasks are then no longer part of their responsibilities. For a fixed price per month, your partner will take care of these tasks. Of course, the price depends on the bundle you choose.

As an IT company, we offer a comprehensive package of Managed Operations and monitoring is one aspect of it. Our team is specialized in monitoring complex multi-vendor infrastructures.
Within our monitoring services, we keep a close eye on your IT infrastructure 24/7 to guarantee its optimal functionality. We offer this service as a ‘full service’ package. Everything that is required to perform this service is included in the price of the package. Consider:

  • Sufficient capacity to run the central monitoring service.
  • SMS and e-mail gateways.
  • Licenses for the monitoring service.
  • Management of the components of the central monitoring service.
  • Providing the best practice sensors necessary to read all the information needed from the environment.

Within our monitoring system, we check the availability of your infrastructure at fixed, frequent intervals. We collect all this data and analyze it automatically. We check the availability and resource consumption of your servers, networks, storage systems, database instances and hypervisors. If any problems or interruptions occur, our engineers will be notified and this will be turned into a ticket. This is how we strive to monitor your IT environment and keep it healthy.

Why choose Syntory’s monitoring?

We manage your entire monitoring process, from the beginning until the end. So you no longer have to invest in knowledge, resources needed to perform monitoring correctly, or in licenses.

Before we can provide our service, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your system as it needs to meet certain technical and network requirements. Our engineers have the necessary knowledge to assess and apply these requirements to your infrastructure.

Are you interested? Contact us and ask about our monitoring-as-a-service. We are happy to help you and strive to monitor your IT environment and keep it healthy.



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