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Syntory and Indigo collaborate to enhance the network infrastructure.

Indigo, one of the largest car park operators in Belgium, has the task of managing over 10.000 on-site devices to ensure the seamless operation of parking garages. Syntory stepped in to assist the IT team in overcoming this challenge, devising a solution that fulfilled all specified criteria.

From complexity to control: managing on-site devices for seamless parking operations.

“Our core business is about ensuring the seamless functionality of parking garages, and at the heart of this success lies the seamless networking of approximately 150 IP devices on each site,” according to Hans Devriendt, IT director. This video focuses on the intricacies of managing these devices and provides a transparent view of their operations, highlighting the crucial role they play in improving the customer journey. Take a look at the real-life impact of network optimization and careful device management on the efficiency of the parking operations. 

About Indigo

Indigo Belgium manages parking garages and parking spaces on public roads in major Belgian cities as well as in smaller towns.

For the past 5 years, Indigo Belgium has been the best performing and fastest growing company in its sector. It has been awarded a “Gazelle” prize five times by Trends Tendances magazine.

This qualitative development is made possible by the fact that Indigo always offers the most appropriate solution to any parking issue, whether it is the contractual commitment, the choice of material or the operating model. Since parking and mobility are closely linked, they attach great importance to the challenges facing tomorrow’s city centers.

Indigo offers its partners – cities and towns – the most appropriate and efficient solutions, systematically focusing on the customer. Relationships are thoughtful and long-term, regardless of the size or importance of the cooperation, making each customer a reference for the next.


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