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Nutanix Files: Transform your Storage Infrastructure and improve your efficiency and performance

With data being the backbone of any organization, choosing your storage infrastructure becomes increasingly important. Storing your data on separate application-, storage-, organizational- or geographic silos complicate its management. You can’t maximize its power or deploy it strategically.

The goal of Nutanix is to help your company better manage the growing problem of unstructured data with its services and products. Nutanix Files is one of them. In this blog post, we’ll discuss its features, how the software solution works, and what its benefits are.

What is Nutanix Files Storage?

Files Storage is part of Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS). Which is a software-defined platform that simplifies storing enterprise data without sacrificing speed and flexibility. Regardless of whether this data is located on-premises, in the cloud, or at a remote site (edge).
Nutanix Files is a cloud-based software solution that allows easy storage, management, and scaling of unstructured data. It leverages modern technologies that eliminate the need for multiple storage silos and provide detailed insight into your data, all while maintaining optimal performance.

It is a fully integrated and core component of Nutanix and can be deployed on existing, new hybrid, or standalone clusters.

Discover the unique features and functionalities

  • Unprecedented scalability

Nutanix Files has the ability to scale efficiently without sacrificing performance. This solution allows scaling to hundreds of file servers and even thousands of shares, making it perfect when your organization’s data is rapidly growing and you need a solution that effortlessly scales along with it.

  • Cloud tiering

Nutanix Files’ cloud tiering feature automatically moves data, that is used less frequently, to the cloud. This optimizes the required hardware locally and lowers your costs. This process is transparent to you as a user and ensures that your data remains accessible while being stored in the cloud cost-effectively. It seamlessly integrates with various cloud providers, allowing your company to flexibly choose where your data is stored based on your needs and costs.

  • Simple workload control

Nutanix Files supports multiple storage protocols, ensuring great compatibility with various applications and workloads. Files can be used for storing (large amounts of) audio and video files, business files for End-User-Computing, sensor data, medical imaging for healthcare, etc.

  • Advanced management and automation

The solution includes File Analytics, enabling you to proactively gain insights into the risks your data faces. It provides insights into your data, user activities, data age, data type, etc. To better protect you against ransomware, Nutanix added network isolation technology in combination with network segmentation, resource management, and support for multiple networks. The solution also includes extensive support for WORM and enhanced ransomware detection capabilities.

  • Enhanced security

Want to further secure your environment against ransomware? Data Lens is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for data security that provides protection against ransomware and data analysis for unstructured data on the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Stay tuned to our page for a comprehensive blog on this topic!

Benefits of Nutanix Files

  • Improved efficiency

First and foremost, Files eliminates the use of cumbersome data silos. Files replaces the storage servers in your current infrastructure with a storage environment created within the HCI platform. This environment can be set up with just one click and can be managed in one or more clusters, in the core, at the edge, or in the cloud with zero-touch capabilities. It can help you save costs (e.g., through deduplication and compression), resulting in improved ROI.

  • Flexibility and scalability

The solution can be deployed as a standalone solution, as scale-out storage, or as a fully integrated storage service of the Nutanix Cloud Platform. It is not tied to a specific platform and supports the same hardware platforms as the Nutanix Cloud Platform. This provides a lot of flexibility and scalability to quickly respond to your changing storage needs.

  • Improved performance

Thanks to Nutanix Files, you can use large-scale databases without having to make complex changes to the storage configuration. This can improve your performance by up to 2x.

There's more...

  • Easy implementation

With just a few clicks, you can update your system without disrupting ongoing processes and manage all your shared and allocated storage from one easy-to-use interface.

  • Pay-as-you-grow

Files Storage offers flexibility in scaling, both vertically and horizontally, on hardware of your choice. This allows you to enjoy a consumption model similar to that of the cloud and pay only for what you use.

  • Automate your operations

The automation of various processes makes it easy for you to gain insight into your data, who is using it, and how.


Nutanix Files is your go-to solution for fast performance and automated provisioning for flexible file management. It significantly reduces the time required to set up and maintain your environment while providing a smooth private cloud experience. All of this naturally enhances your operational efficiency, especially considering the ransomware intelligence that helps you detect, protect, analyze, and recover from ransomware threats. With all its features, Nutanix Files offers you the flexibility to choose the architecture that suits your needs.

Are you interested in this storage solution and want to discuss the possibilities for your environment? Be sure to contact us. We’re happy to help!




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