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Nutanix Kubernetes Engine for a quick kubernetes setup

In a previous blog post you were introduced to Kubernetes. In times of growing container technology, it’s a solution that offers numerous benefits and greatly simplifies the implementation and management of containers on a large scale. Unfortunately, the setup and use of Kubernetes is as technical as the solution is powerful. Nutanix Kubernetes Engine (NKE) addresses these challenges. Curious about how? Read all about it in our blog post.

What is Nutanix Kubernetes Engine?

NKE is a component of Nutanix that enables the setup of a Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes. It’s a management solution for enterprises that facilitates for rapid provisioning and lifecycle management of Kubernetes. Lifecycle management includes all the necessary actions to keep software applications updated with maintenance and security upgrades. NKE provides an end-to-end Kubernetes environment that’s ready for production.


With its functionalities, NKE significantly simplifies the use of Kubernetes, without the burden of vendor lock-in. Additionally, the software seamlessly integrates with the entire Nutanix Cloud-native stack.

Why is NKE important?

To harness the power of microservices and containers, your IT operations need to run in a suitable IT environment. Setting up and managing the on-premises Kubernetes environment required for this can be challenging due to its complexity. Nutanix Kubernetes Engine ensures that your container-based applications can run cloud-native on its platform. Nutanix Prism is the management platform where you can monitor and manage all clusters. As a result, you can accelerate your cloud-native journey.

Benefits of using NKE:

  • The Kubernetes Engine is user-friendly, enables the setup of a Nutanix cluster in just few minutes.

  • It offers a comprehensive solution, allowing you to seamlssly integrate Kubernetes storage, monitoring, logging, and alerts for a complete cloud-native experience.

  • NKE ensures no vendor lock-in, as it utilizes and integrates with open-source Kubernetes software.

  • It enables cloud-like IT operations to be run on-premises.

  • Scaling this cluster is easy and without limits.

  • Node upgrades are possible without downtime, thanks to microservices & containers and Kubernetes’ structure.

  • Benefit from expert full-stack support provided by the vendor.

Are you convinced of the many benefits Kubernetes can bring to your business but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! At Syntory, we’ve developed a Kubernetes solution called: ‘Kubernetes-in-a-box’. Curious about what our solution can do for your business? Read all the details in our one-pager.

Do you have any questions or are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you.

Onepager Kubernetes-In-A-Box

Discover the many benefits of containers, what our box includes and why it’s best to choose our solution!



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