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Nutanix was founded in 2009 and is a pioneer and absolute leader in terms of hyperconverged-infrastructure and cloud solutions.

This forward-thinking company strives to simplify the management of your IT infrastructure to the extent that it becomes nearly invisible. So, how does Nutanix attempt to accomplish this? By consolidating compute, storage, network and virtualization into a single concealed stack, known as: hyperconverged infrastructure. After having crafted a comprehensive hyperconverged narrative, that is both user-friendly and of exceptional quality, Nutanix sought to elevate it further by making the cloud invisible as well. To achieve this, Nutanix places a strong emphasis on their Hybrid Multicloud Solutions.

Nutanix' perspective

Nutanix is aware that companies are focused on cost savings, but at the same time, they must continue to innovate constantly in order to:

  • ensure customer experience
  • make a competitive difference
  • accelerate and excel operationally

General principles of Nutanix

Nutanix’ technology delivers the power of simplicity, enabling IT to manage applications, data and security across your entire datacenter and multicloud environments.

  • Power of simplicity
    • 1 click operations
    • Zero downtime
    • Secured HCI platforms
    • Self service iaas
    • Multicloud app automation
  • Any workload
    • Virtual desktops
    • Business-critical apps
    • Cloud native apps
    • High performance AI/ML
  • Data centric
    • VM & container
    • Dataprotection & security
    • Files & objects
    • Database automation


  • Customer’s choice
    • Choice of hypervisor
    • Choice of hardware
    • Choice of cloud
    • Portable licenses

Overall benefits of Nutanix


  • accelerates your time to value and increases ROI
  •  improves your productivity and quality
  • achieves sustainability goals
  • helps you empower a modern infrastructure for cloud-native applications
  • reduces IT risk and waste

Nutanix in the field

Nutanix technologies and services aim to provide support in the following three areas:

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure
Modernize your datacenter with: Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure.
Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud
Unify all your clouds with: Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud
Nutanix Cloud Platform
Ensure that you can run any app and any workload at any scale with: Nutanix Cloud Platform

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure: the hyperconverged foundation for your IT transformation

Traditional, complex and hard-to-manage IT infrastructures no longer meets the needs of today’s fast-paced business world. An hyperconverged infrastructure is the answer for modernizing your IT and unifying your datacenters. Why is that? As mentioned earlier, Nutanix consolidates all IT-resources into a single scale-out solution capable of running any application. Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure delivers the power of simplicity and allows IT to manage applications, data, and security across your entire datacenter and multicloud environments. This allows enterprises to deploy what you need for the short term, and scale on-demand as infrastructure needs increase over time. Customers can choose from Starter, Pro and Ultimate editions depending on their use case.

Visual representation of the NCI Virtualization

Benefits of Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure:

Lower costs
Benefit Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure
Keep pace with business change
Nutanix Cloud infrastructure benefits
Improve availability

AOS Storage

AOS Storage

Consistently high performance:
Data locality, intelligent tiering, high-throughput maximizes the benefits of the latest hardware advances

AOS -license portability

License portability

AOS Storage resiliency

Foolproof resiliency
Advanced software algorithms protect data from hardware failures to total site outages. Features: Granular & efficient snapshots, automatic self-healing, tunable redundancy.

AOS: choice of hypervisor

Free choice of hypervisor: 

Run your own hypervisor or Nutanix AHV

AOS-unmatched flexibility

Unmatched flexibility
Storage can be sized precisely for your needs and expanded quickly and easily as needs grow. Features: Easy scale-out, independently scale, fast provisioning.

AOS-capacity optimization

Capacity optimization

AOS Data replication

Data replication

AOS- efficient snapshots

Efficient snapshots

AOS - secure by default

Secure by default

AHV Virtualization

AHV is a modern and secure virtualization platform that powers VMs and containers for applications and cloud-native workloads on-premises and in public clouds. AHV streamlines operations, simplifies automation, and has everything you need to power your cloud.

AHV Nutanix how it works
AHV ease of management

Ease of management

  • Ensures high availability for all workloads
  • Highly optimized utilization and performance
  • Lifecycle management across the entire stack
AHV Nutanix cloud native applications

Cloud native applications

AHV Nutanix full enterprise features

Full enterprise features to meet demanding SLA’s

AHV Nutanix virtual desktops

Virtual desktops and applications

AHV Nutanix full integrated security

Full integrated security

  • Security hardened clusters in just one click
  • Microsegmentation with Flow Network Security
  • Secure Development Livecycle (SecDL)
AHV Nutanix remote branch and edge

Remote, branch and edge

AHV Nutanix lower operational costs

Lower operational costs

AHV Nutanix Database as a service


Nutanix Kubernetes Engine

NKE empowers you to deliver and manage an end-to-end, production-ready Kubernetes environment with push-button simplicity while preserving a native user experience. This way you can accelerate your cloud-native journey with Nutanix.

Nutanix Kubernetes Engine simple deployment

Simple deployment: deploy a Kubernetes cluster in just a few clicks

Nutanix Kubernetes Solution - complete solution

Complete solution

Nutanix Kubernetes Engine - vendor lock-in

No vendor lock-in

NKE - Seamlessly scalable

Seamlessly scalable without limits

Nutanix Disaster Recovery

Thanks to Nutanix Disaster Recovery you can be proactive with your disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and data loss, whether you are replicating to an on-prem DR site or the cloud.

Make replication and disaster recovery effortless across multiple sites

DR meets your recovery SLA's

Meets your recovery SLA’s

DR eliminates data silos

Eliminates data silos

DR reduces costs and footprint

Reduces costs & footprint

Flow Network Security

Nutanix creates software-based firewalls for your critical apps and data without the management overhead. It establishes a defense-in-depth foundation to help you create a rock-solid foundation for an ever-changing threat landscape.

Simplifies zero trust thanks to software-defined firewalls for apps and data

Automates regulatory compliance

Easily integrates your security landscape

Creates a holistic solution to plan, visualize and implement the solution


  • VM Microsegmentation
  • Application Visualization
  • Service chaining
  • Policy-based control
  • Identity based policy
  • Traffic monitoring & threat detection
  • Compliance audit and reporting

Traditional security vs Flow Network Security

Nutanix Flow Networking

Nutanix simplifies creating, isolating, and managing software defined networks that connect applications running in private datacenters and in public cloud environments. Flow Networking delivers security, automation and softwaredefined networking (SDN) that simplifies the creation and configuration of virtual networks without time-consuming manual configurations of physical networks, routing or IP address assignment.


Software lifecycle automation

Self service for developers and app owners

Automated DR failover and testing

Multi-tenant segmentation

Capabilities & benefits

  • Virtual private cloud (VPC) networking

  • Automated VPC Connectivity

  • Service Insertion and ACLs

  • NAT and VPN Services

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Thanks to Nutanix Cloud Clusters you can unify your private and public clouds. NC2 dramatically reduces the operational complexity of hybrid cloud deployments and management when extending, bursting and migrating apps and workloads.



Consistent IT operations

Effortless scale and flexibility

Faster, low-risk app migrations


  • Automatic, on-demand capacity scaling
  • Flexibility and freedom acress clouds
  • Intelligent cloud infrastructure
  • Consistent management plane
  • Consistent security model
  • Networking integration

Nutanix unified storage

Files Storage

The Files Storage cloud file server for business reduces data fragmentation and storage sprawl by consolidating silos onto a single platform that easily scales to meet storage needs.


Deploy in minutes

Pay as you grow

Automate operations

Suitable for

Archives files

Video Surveillance

Application data: deliver the right balance of capacity and performance

Windows & Linux shares

Medical imaging

Virtual file server controllers are deployed across nodes within an existing cluster, or on a dedicated file storage cluster. Nodes are designed to be self-contained and share nothing, eliminating single points of failure.

Files Storage architecture scales out easily by adding virtual resources and can be deployed across a variety of environments including datacenters, remote and branch offices, edge locations, and clouds

Object Storage

Nutanix Objects Storage is software-defined storage that provides a simple and scalable S3 compatible storage tier on top of your Nutanix AOS platform. It can easily deploy on an existing cluster for small object storage use cases, on a dedicated cluster for dedicated object storage workloads with maximum performance requirements, or across multiple clusters providing a limitless single share name space while unlocking storage resources from underutilized clusters.


Objects Storage deploys as a set of virtual machines that provide access to storage resources on nodes in a single cluster or across multiple clusters for scale from the very small to the truly massive. This can easily deploy at edge and remote office locations, in your core data center and connect with storage in the cloud for a seamless data management cloud across all deployment modes.


Tames unstructured data complexity

Creates global namespaces in seconds

Enhances your data security


  • Ensures compliance and data protection
  • Supports any workload from a single platform
  • Enhances data visibility with tagging and versioning

Data Lens

With Nutanix Data Lens you can proactively identify security gaps and gain actionable insights to elevate your data security posture. You can secure your data beyond the perimeter and can experience unmatched active data defense with Nutanix Data Lens (NDL).


Integrated ransomware resilience

20/20 vision into your data

Boosted storage performance

Nutanix Data Lens is a great way to strengthen your ransomware defense strategy. You can unlock intelligent insights with data age analytics and optimize performance with smart tiering. 


  • Safeguard with signature-based threat detection
  • Detect anomalies with behavioral patterns
  • Instant data restore with 1-click recovery
  • Real-time threat monitoring & alerting (20 min window)

Would you like to learn more about Nutanix and how it can help your company? Please contact us!



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