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Studio 100

Syntory and Studio 100 collaborate to enhance the security infrastructure of this media powerhouse.

Studio 100, a media giant with offices and animation studios worldwide, needed a complete and reliable cybersecurity approach. Syntory helped the IT team address the blind spots in their data center and devise a solution that met all the specified criteria.

The challenge: overcoming security hurdles

Jonas Hermans, head of IT at Studio 100, leads an IT team of about ten employees. He oversees both the internal IT needs and the overarching strategy for all Business Units of this international media giant. “For several years, our organization worked hard on both the IT infrastructure and its security. Time and budget were invested in this. Despite having a firm grip, our focus was primarily on prevention and securing the perimeter and endpoints,” says Jonas. The IT team realized their blind spot was beyond the perimeter. “What if someone breaches the outer security? What about insider threats? Do we understand their impact?” With many unanswered questions, they sought a partner to address these obstacles.

Jonas Hermans: Head of IT Studio 100

Partnering with Syntory: One solution for diverse requirements

 For Studio 100’s IT team, the solution’s requirements were clear. It needed to:

  • provide insights into blind spots in their data center.
  • establish correlations between all logs (both on-premises and in the cloud).
  • detect abnormal user behavior.

All this with minimal false positives and comprehensive coverage. The solution had to cover on-premises and cloud, network, endpoints, and all firewalls. The quest for an expert led them to Syntory.

Jonas explains that Syntory met all conditions and criteria at a competitive price: “They not only helped create insights into our data center’s blind spots but also fine-tuned the system to filter out unwanted alerts. Their SIEM/XDR solution addressed and resolved our challenges. Their professional rollout, providing reports and agendas after each meeting, gives us a sense of security, knowing a team of specialists is monitoring our environment 24/7.”

Improved security and relief for our the internal IT team

As Head of IT, Jonas experiences significant benefits from the active support and 24/7 availability of the SOC team. This relieves his IT staff of many daily security tasks, allowing them to refocus on other matters. Syntory’s solutions and managed operations not only enhance Studio 100’s overall security standards but also ease the burden on the internal IT team. According to Jonas, the partnership offers a stable foundation for growth and security through continuous monitoring and support (even beyond office hours).

"What sets Syntory apart from other IT partners is their flexibility, deep knowledge, and experience!"

Syntory's indispensable role: providing flexibility, expertise, and future-oriented perspectives

“What sets Syntory apart from other IT partners is their flexibility, deep knowledge, and experience. These unique points make Syntory a reliable and effective partner in the IT landscape,” emphasizes Jonas. “Based on our excellent experience with their professional and punctual communication, rapid response to queries, and reliable support, we wholeheartedly recommend Syntory to other companies,” he continues. 

Studio 100's path to enhanced security and growth

For Studio 100, this partnership isn’t a one-time project but one with immense growth potential. “We aim to extend the solution to other business units and foresee new projects in the future where Syntory could offer invaluable assistance. Their no-nonsense approach, clear communication, phased project follow-up, and competent specialists make this partnership a valuable investment in Studio 100’s security and future growth,” says Jonas.

About Studio 100

With a focus on family entertainment, Studio 100 is known for television, films, musicals, and, of course, the Plopsa parks. Their challenges in recent years centered around strengthening their IT infrastructure and security, especially concerning blind spots within their network. With a team of approximately ten internal IT employees, they directly serve around 400 end-users in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. As a group, they aim for a strategic vision for nearly 2000 end-users. Their international presence, including offices and animation studios worldwide, demands a meticulous approach to cybersecurity.

"This partnership is a valuable investment in Studio 100's security and future growth!"

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