Customer Case: Lenovo

In this project, the customer outgrew its existing data storage systems, causing time-sensitive tasks to be increasingly disrupted. Thanks to a customized solution with Lenovo components, a new solid foundation was built for the further growth of processes. And with success!

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Customer case - Black Tiger Belgium

Customer Case: Black Tiger Belgium

Black Tiger Belgium has modernized its IT infrastructure to offer its customers a High Availability offering. As a trusted and longtime partner, Syntory helped Black Tiger Belgium to transform to a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) provided by Nutanix. Read all about our collaboration in our customer case.

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Spaas logo and tagline on display at the office

Customer Case: Spaas Candles

As one of the largest candle manufacturers in Europe, Spaas Candles needed a new IT infrastructure and a partner who could support them in the process. IT manager Esther and all-round IT engineer Nick tell how Syntory helped them.

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