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Recovering systems and data is of the utmost importance in case of an incident resulting in data loss. Backup and archiving are essential components of any cybersecurity plan and play a critical role in safeguarding data from cyber threats. Backup creates duplicates of vital data, enabling its restoration in the event of loss or corruption, while archiving preserves data for future reference and long-term storage. Implementing effective backup and archiving strategies is vital for ensuring the security and accessibility of data when required by any organisations.


Backup is not only an important part of your infrastructure, a good backup procedure is also crucial for the general Cyber Security Strategy after a security breach.

It helps prevent data loss resulting from accidental deletion, system failures, or cyber-attacks, and protects against ransomware attacks by allowing for quick data restoration. In the event of a catastrophic event, a good backup procedure ensures data recoverability, minimises downtime, and ensures business continuity. Regulatory frameworks such as GDPR and HIPAA require organisations to have reliable backup and recovery plans in place. Ultimately, a good backup procedure provides peace of mind, allowing organisations to focus on other aspects of cybersecurity such as threat detection and prevention.


An archiver is a vital component of a Cyber Security strategy. 

It serves various purposes, including data backup and recovery, protection against data tampering, compliance with regulations, efficient storage management, and collaborative work. 

Archivers enable organisations to store copies of important data and system files, ensuring their availability in case of cyber attacks or system failures. The encryption and compression capabilities of archivers safeguard against unauthorised access, modification, or deletion of critical files. 

Organisations are often required by law or regulation to retain data for a specific period. Archivers help meet these requirements by securely storing data in a way that is easily accessible and searchable. Additionally, archivers can compress and store vast amounts of data, taking up less storage space, and making it cost-effective to manage data. 

Archivers also facilitate file sharing within organisations or between organisations while maintaining confidentiality and data security. 

With its many years of background in Cyber Security and Infrastructure integrator, Syntory really has ‘the best of both worlds’ in-house knowledge to integrate Archiving seamlessly into the customer’s infrastructure.



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