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Preventive maintenance of your IT environment: essential for your business

Prevention is always better than cure. Yet many companies often face disruptions or defects within their IT environment. These problems usually are the result of a lack of comprehensive maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Implementing a good maintenance method is therefore an essential part of a healthy IT environment and offers several important benefits for the operation and growth of your business.

What does preventive maintenance of your IT infrastructure entail?

Preventive maintenance means that your entire IT infrastructure is regularly checked and updated as needed. This way, you can reduce the chance of problems arising within your IT system. This maintenance method includes software updates, antivirus updates, performance testing, inspecting and replacing hardware components, and cleaning computers. In some cases, additional memory may also be installed to expand the capacity of your IT infrastructure as needed.

Reduction of unexpected disruptions and increased lifespan of IT infrastructure

Poor and inadequate maintenance of your IT infrastructure can lead to annoying disruptions and even the failure of operations. You can imagine this can have very unpleasant consequences for the operation and growth of your business. Consider, for example, that due to unexpected downtime, your employees can’t complete their tasks. Or that you face unforeseen costs to locate and fix significant IT issues.

With preventive maintenance, you can avoid parts of your IT environment breaking down, moreover, you can address a potential problem before it negatively affects your business operations. Regular inspection and maintenance of your hardware ensure that all devices remain in good condition and have a longer lifespan. Checking and updating your software, on the other hand, ensures that your IT infrastructure is protected against the loss of important data and documents due to viruses and hacking. This preventive maintenance strategy thus ensures more efficient and secure use of your IT infrastructure.

Save costs thanks to preventive maintenance

Too many companies still adopt a reactive maintenance strategy, meaning they only replace parts of their IT infrastructure when they are broken or causing problems. Unfortunately, they are not always aware that this way of working can quickly increase their costs. The expenses for repairs add up significantly due to the costs of materials, acquiring new parts, and paying for labor. For example, if you wait too long to repair defective hardware, you are forced to replace the part entirely. Additionally, you also pay your employees wages for hours they could not perform their tasks due to unexpected downtime.

A preventive maintenance strategy focuses on preventing disruptions through regular maintenance and monitoring, consequently reducing unexpected high costs. This type of maintenance can extend the lifespan of your hardware and prevent parts from needing replacement. It also saves energy since your IT equipment operates efficiently again.

Preventive maintenance thus adopts a long-term vision and should be seen as an investment for your business. Moreover, with this preventive maintenance method, you can better plan and allocate your IT expenses.

Increased productivity

Preventive maintenance of your IT environment also has a positive effect on the overall productivity of your business. Your IT systems function properly, are consistently available, and experience no unexpected downtime. Employees can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively, and customers can always rely on good service. Preventive maintenance is a good strategy for companies that want to continue growing in the future and therefore understand that an IT maintenance plan with a long-term vision is essential.

How managed operations can help you with your preventive maintenance

Managed operations is a service where you entrust the management and/or maintenance of your IT infrastructure entirely or partially to an experienced IT partner. This IT partner can, for example, take care of the preventive maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Could you use help with the preventive maintenance of your IT environment? Or are you curious about our managed operations? Then be sure to contact us,  our Syntory employees are happy to assist you.



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