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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides a wide range of networking solutions that supercharge businesses with dependable, high-performance connectivity. With a sharp focus on innovation and a customer-friendly approach, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise tailors their networking solutions to amp up efficiency, security, and scalability to meet the demands of today’s businesses.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s lineup features state-of-the-art switches, access points, and network management tools that ensure smooth communication and data flow for all types of organizations.

Access Points

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers a diverse selection of access points designed to provide reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity solutions. Whether you need seamless Wi-Fi access for your office, campus, or industrial environment, their access points cater to a wide range of deployment scenarios.

These versatile OmniAccess access points can be reliably installed in various settings, including wall mounts, cubicles, desktops, and ceiling placements. The AP antenna diversity feature ensures optimal signal processing with its dual omni-directional antennas.

OmniAccess APs boast an extended operational lifespan due to their automatic configuration capability across L2/L3 networks via discovery. This facilitates effortless upgrades whenever new features, capabilities, or standards become available.

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Achieve exceptional Wi-Fi performance across diverse indoor and outdoor settings.

Manage Access Points (APs) either on-site, remotely, or through controller-less Instant mode.

Maintain seamless device connectivity as users move within your campus by ensuring they’re always connected to the optimal AP.


ClientMatch technology continuously assesses mobile device performance and directs them to the most suitable access point and radio within the WLAN. AirGroup operates seamlessly across different subnets, alleviating congestion from multicast traffic and potentially freeing up to 10 times the Wi-Fi bandwidth. AppRF technology consistently evaluates network usage and performance, optimizing bandwidth allocation, traffic prioritization, and network paths. Spectrum Analysis capabilities offer insights into RF interference sources and their impact on WLAN performance. Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) dynamically adjusts to the RF environment, ensuring stable, predictable, and optimal Wi-Fi performance.

Why choose OmniAccess Access Points?

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Tailor your network to your needs with versatile deployment choices and solutions for various environments.


Ensure airspace security with OmniAccess APs, which feature integrated wireless intrusion protection through RFProtect.


Benefit from application awareness that consistently delivers users the optimal connection, along with traffic classification for enforcing policies that prioritize critical applications.


OmniAccess 203H

OmniAccess 203R

OmniAccess 303P

OmniAccess 303H

OmniAccess 318

OmniAccess 340

OmniAccess 360

OmniAccess 370

OmniAccess 510

OmniAccess 518

OmniAccess 530

OmniAccess 550

OmniAccess 560

OmniAccess 570

OmniAccess 577

OmniAccess 610

OmniAccess 635

OmniAccess 650


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise boasts a versatile lineup of switches tailored to cater to diverse networking needs. Their range includes cutting-edge switches designed to provide robust and high-performance connectivity solutions for all sorts of businesses. With an emphasis on innovation and customer-centricity, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s switches are engineered to enhance network efficiency, security, and scalability, offering flexible solutions to address the evolving demands of modern enterprises

Core and Data Center Switches

OmniSwitch 6900

OmniSwitch 6900

Designed for low-latency needs, these compact switches offer high-performance, scalability, and security. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6900’s 1U design with virtual chassis capability streamlines management, allowing multiple switches to function as one. These switches are perfect for demanding software-defined operations in virtual or physical networks.

OmniSwitch 9900

OmniSwitch 9900

Companies using modular, scalable, and redundant switches create efficient, reliable networks. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9900 offers high density, excellent redundancy, and scalability for enterprise core, aggregation, and edge environments, meeting evolving demands with a resilient platform.

Access Edge Switches

OmniSwitch 6360

OmniSwitch 6360

Ethernet edge switches with built-in efficiency, security, and reliability streamline IoT deployment and reduce costs. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6360 family offers advanced switch tech, enhancing security, reliability, and efficiency for SMBs and enterprise edge networks.

OmniSwitch 6560

OmniSwitch 6560

Efficient, stackable Layer 3 switches at the network edge save costs and optimize expansion. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6560 family offers a leading campus access solution, designed for flexibility, scalability, and low power consumption.

OmniSwitch 6570M Metro Ethernet Switch

OmniSwitch 6570M Metro Ethernet Switch

Enterprises and service providers benefit from an advanced edge and aggregation switch optimized for flexibility, scalability, and energy efficiency.

The OmniSwitch 6570M Metro Ethernet Switch family offers versatile fixed configurations with various port options, including 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports, 1G SFP ports, and 10G SFP+ ports for increased throughput and capacity. Upgrade options are available.

OmniSwitch 6860 (E and N)

Perfect for compact, high-density networks needing multi-gigabit Ethernet support, including Wi-Fi 6, high throughput, and network flexibility.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6860 is a compact Gigabit and multi-Gigabit Ethernet platform designed for demanding converged networks. With high-speed uplinks, 200G stacking, industry-leading 95W PoE, and dense 10G multi-gigabit ports for Wi-Fi 6, it’s ideal for the next-gen enterprise network.

Industrial Environment Switches

OmniSwitch 6465

OmniSwitch 6465

DIN rail-mounted switches with extended temperature support and precision timing provide high-performance networks for IoT devices, cameras, and access points with specific timing needs.

Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch 6465 switches are fully managed gigabit Ethernet switches known for security, reliability, and easy management. They operate in extended temperatures, offer EMI/EMC tolerance, and surge protection, making them ideal for industrial applications like transportation and substations.

OmniSwitch 6465T

OmniSwitch 6465T

Designed for industrial Ethernet, these DIN rail switches excel in intelligent transportation, railways, and substations, offering QoS and PoE support in extended temperature ranges.

Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch 6465T switches, compact gigabit Ethernet switches, are ideal for Residential/Metro Ethernet triple play applications. They efficiently power smart building systems and operate reliably in temperatures from -10°C to 60°C.

OmniSwitch 6865

OmniSwitch 6865

Designed for rugged industrial environments, these Layer 3 switches are reliable, flexible, and secure, even in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6865 is a high-performance rugged stackable switch suitable for transportation, traffic control, power utilities, and outdoor installations. It offers a substantial PoE budget and HPoE support for devices like wireless access points, cameras, and sensors.

Smart Managed Edge Switches

OmniSwitch 2260

OmniSwitch 2260

Designed for business-class networks, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 2260 offers secure, high-speed desktop connectivity and advanced network capabilities without the cost of complex management features. It’s a cost-effective alternative for wired connectivity with performance, QoS, and scalability through a user-friendly web interface.

OmniSwitch 2360

OmniSwitch 2360

SMBs demand secure, scalable, high-performance networks for both wired and wireless users. Stackable gigabit Ethernet switches offer manageable, unified access.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 2360 family provides enterprise-grade performance, security, and scalability for a solid foundation supporting business communications, applications, and devices. With unified network management, it ensures a consistent wired and wireless experience while incorporating the latest technology for maximum investment protection.

Network Management

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s network management tools are designed to empower businesses with seamless control and optimization of their network infrastructure. From comprehensive visibility and security to streamlined administration and insightful analytics, these tools ensure your network operates at peak performance, enhancing productivity and reliability across the board.


With this robust network management tool, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive suite of components for infrastructure and device configuration, monitoring, backup, scheduling, security, alerts, quarantine, troubleshooting, downtime resolution, and overall system administration.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2500 Network Management System (NMS) not only enhances day-to-day network operations but also equips you with the necessary tools and reports to track and accomplish your business objectives.

Utilize a web-based user interface to monitor and manage your complete physical and virtual network.

Personalize the interface to highlight your most frequently used or critical management functions.

Automatically generate reports on application bandwidth, network traffic, and other vital metrics.


The Full HTML5 web-based client serves as a comprehensive network-wide management platform, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless control. It focuses on producing business-centric graphical reports, specifically tailored for CIOs and network analytics, highlighting essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These reports provide valuable insights into bandwidth consumption and network usage data, with a specific focus on application-level details. Furthermore, the system supports wired and wireless role-based user profiles, allowing precise network access rights management and dynamic enforcement of business policies, ensuring a secure and efficient network environment.

Why choose OmniVista?


Tailor your network to your needs with versatile deployment choices and solutions for various environments.


Tailor your network to your needs with versatile deployment choices and solutions for various environments.


Tailor your network to your needs with versatile deployment choices and solutions for various environments.


Tailor your network to your needs with versatile deployment choices and solutions for various environments.

OmniVista Cirrus

OmniVista Cirrus offers network administrators an exclusive platform for managing, provisioning, and monitoring their complete network infrastructure, encompassing Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitches, OmniAccess Stellar access points, and various value-added services.

OmniVista Cirrus sets a fresh standard for IT experiences, featuring user-friendly yet potent network management capabilities. This solution is adaptable to your business needs, providing advanced network visibility and control to facilitate quicker, smarter decision-making.

Streamlined LAN and WLAN provisioning and monitoring

Enhanced network analytics

Simplified management of network policies

User-friendly, web-based HTML5 interface

Comprehensive network visibility, encompassing users, applications, and IoT

Tailorable dashboards


It’s a natively cloud-based solution with high availability, reliability, and elasticity, requiring no physical footprint. The use of microservices enables agile service deployment without disruptions. Advanced security ensures secure IoT onboarding and unified security policies. The platform offers insightful analytics for proactive service assurance, reducing network downtime through failure detection and root cause analysis. Additionally, it provides quality of experience (QoE) analysis for improved user connectivity and experience.

Why choose OmniVista Cirrus?

For IT and network administration teams

Cloud agility and scalability

Enhanced simplicity and automation

Reduced network failures, manual errors, and downtime

For C-level executives

Assured business continuity

Improved IT support for business operations

Increased overall productivity

For end users

Enhanced Quality of Service

Superior user experience

Elevated end user satisfaction

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