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Lenovo’s story was and still is about shaping computer intelligence to create a better world. With a very broad technology portfolio consisting of products, solutions, software and services, they are fulfilling their vision: delivering “smarter technology for all”.

How does Lenovo realise this vision?

Full portfolio

Lenovo delivers a full portfolio of: PCs and tablets, monitors, accessories, smartphones, smart home and smart collaboration solutions, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), Internet of Things (IoT), services and smart infrastructure data centre solutions.

Years of experience

For decades, Lenovo has helped countless businesses ranging from healthcare, education, logistics,… rethink the way they use technology to revitalise their business through smarter solutions using hardware, software and services.

Global scale and manufacturing

Lenovo serves more than 180 markets worldwide and owns most of its facilities, giving them unparalleled scale, efficiency and control over their supply chain. Their global manufacturing enables customised offerings for regional markets and includes more than 30 manufacturing facilities, including in-house, joint ventures, original design manufacturers and contract manufacturers in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico and the US. They manufacture most of their products in their own facilities. This hybrid model ensures that new innovations are brought to market efficiently while also providing greater control over product development and supply chain. This gives Lenovo an advantage in terms of quality, safety and time-to-market. Recently, Gartner ranked them 15th on its list of Top 25 World Class Supply Chains.

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG)

Lenovo Infrastructure Group (ISG) is a provider of smart infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their technology and knowledge drive the data centre of smarter retail, healthcare, cities, factories and much more. Through edge and cloud computing, analytics and artificial intelligence, and Infrastructure-as-a-service through TruScale, Lenovo delivers “smarter technology for all”. As a data centre provider, with end-to-end manufacturing, they own their own full supply chain for everything they build.

How does Lenovo win the trust of their customers?

They are customer-centric, focused on results and the end-to-end experience.

They provide reliable infrastructure and support.

They have solutions for every business.

Lenovo’s own manufacturing and supply chain are secure.

Lenovo’s practices are sustainable.

What does Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group's offering include?

ThinkAgile portfolio of software-defined infrastructure

ThinkSystem portfolio of enterprise infrastructure

ThinkAgile portfolio of software-defined infrastructure

ThinkSystem portfolio of enterprise infrastructure

When selecting a Lenovo solution, you can choose the software that best suits your needs, from partners such as: Microsoft, Nutanix, VMware and more. In addition to ThinksSystem server and storage solutions, they also offer a whole range of engineering solutions designed for specific workloads, including artificial intelligence, VDI and big data. The comprehensive portfolio extends from the data centre to edgde and to the cloud. These solutions can therefore be purchased through traditional CapEx purchases or through Lenovo TruScale infrastructure Services, the ‘consumption-based’ pay-for-what-you-use data centre offering.

Lenovo’s First Platinum Partner in the Benelux

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