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Rapid7 is a leading Cyber Security company that provides a wide range of solutions and services to help organizations effectively manage their Cyber Security efforts, detect and respond to threats, and improve overall security posture. Two of its prominent offerings are InsightIDR and InsightConnect, which play vital roles in enhancing Cyber Security operations.


InsightIDR is a comprehensive and cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution offered by Rapid7. It is designed to help organizations efficiently detect and respond to security threats across their network environments. Here are some key features and functionalities of InsightIDR:

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Traditional SIEMs processed vast log data but left threat identification and response largely to users. In contrast, the Insight Agent prioritizes detections, offering dependable endpoint threat detection and early attack recognition. While many EDR tools went unused, Rapid7 collected critical data, enhancing alerts with relevant context. This ensures reliable endpoint coverage for quicker and more confident responses by security teams.

Network Traffic Analysis

Rapid7’s Insight platform, with the Network Sensor, provides vital network visibility, helping you swiftly spot suspicious activity. InsightIDR’s curated intrusion detection system (IDS) targets real threats without the noise of other tools. For in-depth investigations, access additional network metadata for a comprehensive view of activity.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Attackers create high-quality malware and move laterally between assets using various stealthy techniques. InsightIDR continuously baselines normal user activity, going beyond predefined indicators of compromise. UEBA effectively detects attackers, offering rich context for faster investigations and responses.

Cloud and Integrations

InsightIDR, with its cloud-SIEM foundation, supports numerous third-party integrations to supplement endpoint, network, and user coverage. Rapid7’s agile SaaS infrastructure efficiently collects and scales data for dynamic environments, helping you stay ahead of attackers by identifying cloud-based anomalies. It also enables seamless integration of detections from other systems for comprehensive analysis.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

InsightIDR’s cutting-edge cloud SIEM is the heart of our solution. It streamlines complex data analysis with a native cloud data lake, diverse log collection, custom log parsing, and flexible search/reporting. Say goodbye to endless log searches, complex queries, and the need for certified data experts. InsightIDR correlates millions of daily events with users and assets, highlighting organizational risks and guiding your priorities.

Embedded Threat Intelligence

InsightIDR utilizes both internal and external threat intelligence across your entire attack surface. Our detection library combines data from Rapid7’s open-source community, advanced mapping, and proprietary machine learning, curated and refined by experts. With SaaS delivery, you get instant access to updates, no rule creation needed, thanks to global MDR field-testing for a seamless user experience.

MITRE ATT&CK Alignment

Rapid7’s extensive library of curated detections and attacker behaviors is intricately mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework—a globally accessible knowledge base of real-world adversary tactics and techniques.

Deception Technology

Focusing solely on endpoints or a limited set of event sources in XDR can create security gaps and miss malicious activity. InsightIDR’s user-friendly deception suite offers a range of traps like honeypots, honey users, credentials, and files to detect threats earlier in the attack chain.

Incident Response and Investigations

InsightIDR streamlines complex situations by auto-enriching log data, correlating events, and presenting intuitive visual timelines for alerts. No need for tool-switching during attacks—everything you need at a glance.

Response and Automation

To alleviate the burden on overworked security teams, InsightIDR offers automation and seamless integrations. Prebuilt workflows, ticketing system integration, and expert response suggestions simplify incident handling. InsightIDR seamlessly integrates with InsightConnect for one-click response initiation, emphasizing the importance of the “R” in XDR.


InsightConnect is Rapid7’s security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution. It is designed to streamline and automate security processes and workflows, helping organizations enhance their security operations center (SOC) efficiency. Key features of InsightConnect include:

Connecting Your Tools for Improved Collaboration

Enhance collaboration between IT and security teams by integrating your systems with our library of 300+ plugins in InsightConnect. These integrations empower teams to use their familiar tools while working together seamlessly on incident response and vulnerability management, breaking down silos and boosting efficiency.

Import, Build, and Deploy Automated Workflows

Traditionally, security tools require extensive custom scripting for integration. InsightConnect simplifies security operations with import-ready workflows, eliminating the need for coding. You can also design custom workflows tailored to your team’s unique security automation requirements.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Automate security processes without sacrificing analyst engagement and control. Include human decision points in workflows for expert insights during incident responses. Automation handles routine tasks and common alerts, allowing security teams to focus on strategic, specialized work.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Combat alert fatigue by automating responses to common and repetitive alerts. This approach reduces the number of security incidents and enhances efficiency by automating context enrichment for the remaining ones.

By combining InsightIDR’s threat detection and investigation capabilities with InsightConnect’s automation and orchestration capabilities, organizations can create a powerful Cyber Security ecosystem that not only identifies threats but also responds to them rapidly and effectively. Rapid7’s solutions play a crucial role in helping organizations stay ahead of evolving Cyber Security challenges in today’s complex threat landscape.

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