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Thinkst Canary

Thinkst Canary is a Cyber Security company that specialises in deception technology. The company offers a product called Canary, which is a deception platform designed to detect and deter attackers within an organisation’s network.

What is deception technology?

Deception technology is an approach that aims to detect and respond to cyber threats by creating decoys or traps that mimic real systems, applications, or data to lure attackers into revealing their presence.

What does Thinkst Canary do?

Deception-Based Detection

Thinkst Canary deploys deceptive resources throughout a network, such as decoy files, servers, or credentials, that appear as authentic and valuable targets to attackers. When an attacker interacts with these decoys, Canary raises an alert, providing early warning of their presence

Early Threat Detection

By placing Canaries across the network, Thinkst Canary enables early detection of malicious activity. When an attacker interacts with a Canary, such as attempting to access a decoy server or opening a decoy document, the Canary triggers an alert. This early detection gives security teams valuable time to investigate and respond to potential threats.

Threat Intelligence and Insights

Thinkst Canary provides actionable insights into attacker behavior, techniques, and indicators of compromise. The gathered information helps security teams understand the tactics employed by adversaries and enhances their ability to detect and respond to future attacks.

Incident Response Support

When an alert is triggered, Thinkst Canary provides detailed information about the attack, including the attacker’s techniques, IP address, and any files or actions performed. This information aids in incident response efforts, enabling security teams to quickly contain and remediate the threat.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Thinkst Canary can monitor various attack vectors, including network services, email systems, and cloud environments, to provide visibility into potential attack paths. This helps organizations identify vulnerabilities and strengthen their overall security posture.

Threat Hunting Capabilities

Thinkst Canary can also be used proactively for threat hunting exercises. Security teams can analyse Canary alerts, investigate attacker behaviors, and uncover potential security gaps or vulnerabilities within their environment.

What does Thinkst Canary provide?

By leveraging deception technology, Thinkst Canary provides organisations with an additional layer of defense against sophisticated attackers. The platform not only helps in detecting intrusions but also provides valuable insights and intelligence to enhance incident response capabilities and improve overall security resilience.

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