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Veeam Software, founded in 2006, is a global leader in intelligent data management and protection for the hybrid cloud.

Veeam has quickly emerged as a prominent player in the industry, empowering businesses of all sizes to securely manage and protect their data across multi-cloud environments.

Veeam’s main focus lies in ensuring data availability and reducing the risks associated with data loss, downtime, and cyber threats. That’s why Veeam’s solutions focus on backup, replication and cloud mobility.

Products and Services

Veeam offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to address the unique data management challenges that your organization faces today. Their solutions are built on a foundation of reliability, simplicity, and flexibility, empowering your business to meet the demands of the always-on, digital world.

In order to be able to make this happen, Veeam developed the Veeam Data Platform. Which is an all-in-one solution based on three main pillars: data security, data recovery, and data freedom.

Data Resilience

This multilayered security gives you the confidence that your data is always protected. How?

Secure backup

Ensure endtoend security with encryption and immutability.

Secure recovery

Avoid reinfection with ransomwarefree restores.

Secure access

Prevent unauthorized access and malicious actors.

Data Recovery

Gives you the opportunity to recover exactly what you need, when you need it. How?


Utilize the fastest restores of entire workloads with near‑zero recovery time objectives (RTOs).


Quickly find and restore individual objects, files and folders.


Achieve proven one‑click recovery of large‑scale, complex operations.

Data Freedom

It makes sure it protects all your data, anywhere, any way, with zero lock‑in.

Broad Workload Coverage

Expands native support for all critical workloads.

Infrastructure Observability

Optimizes reliability and cost across your choice of infrastructure.

Multi-Cloud Mobility

Moves data to, from and across platforms for complete control and flexibility.

Veeam provides a solution for any type of business in any industry. This by offering the platform in 3 powerful, enterprise-grade editions:

Foundation: backup & recovery

Advanced: backup & recovery + monitoring and analytics

Premium: backup & recovery + monitoring and analytics + recovery orchestration

Discover the potential of Veeam for yourself

By partnering with Syntory and Veeam, your business can unlock a range of benefits and added value.

Our team of experts at Syntory will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and implement Veeam’s solutions seamlessly into your IT infrastructure.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and always available, empowering you to focus on your core business objectives. Don’t hesitate to contact us!



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