Customer Case: Lenovo

In this project, the customer outgrew its existing data storage systems, causing time-sensitive tasks to be increasingly disrupted. Thanks to a customized solution with Lenovo components, a new solid foundation was built for the further growth of processes. And with success!

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Customer case - Black Tiger Belgium

Customer Case: Black Tiger Belgium

Black Tiger Belgium has modernized its IT infrastructure to offer its customers a High Availability offering. As a trusted and longtime partner, Syntory helped Black Tiger Belgium to transform to a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) provided by Nutanix. Read all about our collaboration in our customer case.

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Spaas logo and tagline on display at the office

Customer Case: Spaas Candles

As one of the largest candle manufacturers in Europe, Spaas Candles needed a new IT infrastructure and a partner who could support them in the process. IT manager Esther and all-round IT engineer Nick tell how Syntory helped them.

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An engineer using a netAlly network tester at his desk while looking at heat maps on his computer

Why do you need a Wi-Fi site survey?

A Wi-Fi site survey is often said to be the foundation of your network design. During a site survey, we assess an environment to plan (or optimise) a wireless network capable of covering the entire area with a strong, reliable signal. There are many advantages in such an assessment. Here are the most important among them.

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The importance of disaster recovery

Business processes are increasingly depending on IT. That’s why disaster recovery is critical for your IT-environment and your business. Write down a plan so that you are well prepared for unexpected events.

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Engineer in datacenter - Nutanix server

Hyperconverged infrastructure and its benefits

It is impossible to imagine the IT world today without a hyperconverged infrastructure. The infrastructure was created in response to the shortages of a traditional;- and later converged IT infrastructure. Its features are fully tailored to the needs of modern businesses. In this blog post, we reflect on this evolution and its positive impact on your business. Think: simplicity, scalability, cost savings, etc.

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