Tech Days Durbuy 2023: Discover, connect and transform

The picturesque Durbuy became the beating heart of technological innovation during the unforgettable Tech Days Durbuy 2023. The event where customers and leading vendors such as Rapid7, Mimecast, Palo Alto, Veeam, Nutanix, Lenovo, IBM, Cato Networks, Barracuda, Rubrik, Cloudian and Alcatel Lucent Enterprise came together for an inspiring exchange.

Insights and vision for Next Gen technology

The presence of our valued customers and the diverse group of vendors created a dynamic atmosphere where knowledge was shared, and connections were made. During the day, engaging briefings were held, highlighting the latest developments and solutions within the world of technology.

These insights provided a valuable perspective on the future of technology and digital transformation. The Tech Days serve as a crucial bridge between businesses and the technology industry. This event offered a unique opportunity to interact directly with cutting-edge technologies. Participants could get first-hand information on current offerings, the vision of leading vendors, the planned roadmap and future innovations. 

Briefing Rapid 7: Katja Dumon and Joey Vandewatering

Bridging business with technology & networking among peers

Guest speakers from all suppliers shared their knowledge and insights, which not only informed participants about current trends, but also inspired them to look ahead to what is to come.

This meeting was not only a stage for presenting cutting-edge technologies, but also provided a unique opportunity for companies to learn from experts and industry-leading tech companies.

It facilitated direct interaction and networking opportunities between companies and leading tech vendors, allowing attendees to not only keep abreast of the latest developments but also explore strategies to integrate these technologies into their business operations.

All this set the tone for innovation and growth.

And finally, this event also provided a unique platform for networking among peers. This dynamic atmosphere created an environment where knowledge was not just exchanged with vendors but also among attendees. The opportunity to interact with like-minded colleagues was crucial to broaden professional horizons. These interactions enabled the exchange of best practices, lessons learned and practical strategies for integrating technology into various business activities.

Briefing Palo Alto: Gert Hermans

Success, Gratitude, and Future Plans

The event offered not only a wealth of knowledge, but also a mix of dining together, fun activities that created unforgettable moments. From team-building activities to leisure, it was a balance between work and fun.


Thanks to our customers and suppliers, this event was a success! Thanks to the positive feedback we received, we are already looking forward to the next edition – more information will follow asap. Would you like to attend our Tech Days in Durbuy next time? Be sure to let us know. We will be happy to give you some more information.



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