An engineer using a netAlly network tester at his desk while looking at heat maps on his computer

Why do you need a Wi-Fi site survey?

A Wi-Fi site survey is often said to be the foundation of your network design. During a site survey, we assess an environment to plan (or optimise) a wireless network capable of covering the entire area with a strong, reliable signal. There are many advantages in such an assessment. Here are the most important among them.

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An engineer making a phone call while sitting in front of his screens in the Security Operations Center

Ransomware, a business like any other

The Ransomware business is a business like any other, positioned on the dark side of the thin line that is ethics. Just like any other business, the goal of Ransomware groups is to get as much revenue as possible. But how do they reach this goal? Newest developments show that the Ransomware business is slowly transforming from a start-up to a full scaled enterprise.

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